Frankfurt - Dubai - Bangkok

link to the pics "en route"

I love flying.

The acceleration, the iffy moment you become airborne, just lifting up in the sky, remembering the miracle, that people are able to fly. A small human creature looking at the big blue planet she's living with millions of others - with a little distance.

Most of the time the sun is shining.

The clouds, covering the earth, create sometimes a completely new surface, that has nothing to do with the real surface of the earth underneath. Mountains, valleys, calm oceans built of clouds. You look at them and they look real, soft and solid. You have no idea what they are hiding. An ocean? Montains? A desert? A big city? A forest? Of course, you can look at the map and you'll see what they are hiding. But is it important?

on my way

I've been very tired on this journey, so there is not much, but different music.

There is Morcheeba, "going far out east" (Wonders never cease). Die fantastischen Vier singin' of a "new land" unplugged for MTV. An all time favorite song of mine: The Dire Straits asking "Where do you think you're going?" and Arturo Salteri with "metamorphosis" because it is wonderful music to stare into the great wide open and just daydream...